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Creating custom packages that fit your small business’s needs

At CMH Bookkeeping, we care about the success of your business as much as you do. That’s why we work hard to offer premier services that give you peace of mind...and make your business run smoother.

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Day to Day Bookkeeping

For the Business Owner who needs one less thing to do

Swiping the card is easy... then the receipt gets to the bottom of your coat pocket or ends up in a drawer somewhere. What job was this for again?  You didn’t start this business to be a paper-pusher! You just want to get back to the fun stuff.  

Say no more.  Your books can be kept up to date in the background, with reports delivered when you're ready for them.

Bookkeeping Clean Up

For the Business Owner who needs a fresh start

Are you afraid to open the “receipt drawer” for fear of them all bursting out? Does your accounting “system” pre-date computers? Are you blushing as you read this? No need to apologize. You were busy doing all the other important things needed to run a successful business... But now your accountant is squinting at that shoebox of receipts and you're not sure whether you made money or not....

CHM Bookkeeping is here to clean up the mess and get you back on track.

Specialty Tasks

For the Business Owner who needs a little extra

Maybe you are brand new to business and need help getting Quickbooks set up for the first time. Or maybe you’re a long-time Quickbooks Desktop user but soooo ready to have your financials a tap away on your phone.  

Are you in construction and need a bookkeeper skilled at job costing? 

Does your A/R list owe you a full year's salary?  

Is your PPP loan forgiveness application making your head spin?  

Whatever it is, we can help!

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