About us

Bookkeepers on a Mission to Serve Local Small Businesses

Every business needs bookkeeping, but not all businesses have the budget or the desire to add a full-time bookkeeper to their payroll. We also know that not every small business owner wants to spend their time sitting at the computer pouring over their own books. 

We have made it our mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in our community succeed by handling all your bookkeeping needs so you don’t have to. 

Imagine how you would feel …

✔ knowing your books are being handled by a professional. 

✔ knowing you can focus on growing your business because you have clean books, accurate bank statements, and sound financial reports as ammunition to help you do it. 

✔ not having to cringe and rummage around trying to reconcile your books for tax time.

With CMH Bookkeeping, this dream could be your reality.


Our Staff

Caitlin M. Hayes, Owner & CEO

Caitlin has been a professional bookkeeper for over 10 years. She is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and is certified in QuickBooks Online.

Prior to opening CMH Bookkeeping, she worked as a staff bookkeeper for local residential construction companies.  As a small business employee, Caitlin prided herself as being a jack of all trades and a wearer of many hats. She brings this same passion and can-do attitude to all the clients she serves at CMH Bookkeeping. 

Cailtin is an avid animal lover and a would-be llama shepherdess had it not been for a broken wrist. Though she never pursued farm life again, she still enjoys visiting all the local farms, orchards, and vineyards with her two daughters.


John Jeffery, Bookkeeper

John's experience with bookkeeping was hands-on, beginning with the development of a startup which he founded in college. His experience further evolved as he worked with startups at a venture capital firm in London, England. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed and brings his entrepreneurial spirit with him to every project he takes on. 

John is a self-taught musician who loves spending his free time playing the guitar or piano. He is also an avid runner and sees running as the best therapy therapist in the world. It is a way for him to enjoy the outdoors and to escape the chaos of life